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  • Hellst  XRT V2 H8 Angel Eyes

    Why choose Hellst XRT over other brands?
  • * Hellst XRT H8 Angel Eyes were developed with three main driving principles in mind...quality, brightness & value.
  • * BMW owners have a wide choice of LED angel eye lights that are currently available on the market.  Some are cheap both in quality and price, while others are too expensive for the value they bring. 
  • Hellst understands the growing need for high quality H8 LED lights to replace the dull stock halogen H8 bulbs that your BMW came with from the factory...but without breaking the bank to purchase a set!
  • * The brand name "Hellst" translated from German to English means "brightest".  The Hellst XRT V2 H8 Angel Eye set utilizes the latest, highest performance LED's to generate the brightest H8 LED light at a much more reasonable price for BMW owners, without compromising on quality.

         Best Warranty In The Business

  • * We are so confident in the quality of our H8 LED Angel Eye light sets, that we back them up with the best warranty in the business.
  • * We offer an unprecidented full Two Year Unlimited Warranty.
  • * Plus, if you should ever require replacement parts, our distributor BimmerEyes Inc., has agreed to pay for the cost of all replacement part shipping!  You will never pay for additional shipping charges after your purchase is made.
  • Testimonials

    "They look great.  They are easy to install as well." - Brian K. (X6)

  •        ** "Bought these Hellst XRT H8 LED Angel Eye from BimmerEyes for my X5M. I have seen some other LEDs but this is the brightest of them all! Expected installation time is less than 10 minutes but I took a little longer because of my big hands. The package came 
  •                 with accurate installation instructions. Ross@BimmerEyes was prompt to respond to my emails and shipped almost instantly!  
    •      There are three corners in the BMW light socket insert which are of different size so make sure you look at your old yellow bulbs and align the new LEDs the same way..I found this to be the fastest way of installing the lights.

          The yellow halogens looked dirty with my LED fog lamps but now the truck looks perfect" gadhi79 - Qatar

           ** Great news! I managed to replace the bulbs this morning, the headlight housing is much smaller than it looked on the pictures and videos! gosh they are right when they said you'll need a small hand LOL. Even pulling the bulbs 
  •             out was a challenge for my big hands...       Very happy with the upgrade! I haven't had so much fun working on a car since I had my skyline 3 years ago! I've attached a couple of before / after pics, looks like there's plenty of room in the housing for the ballast/resistor.
  •             The new Hellst LED has a good startup and shutdown look with the right dimming, I was worried that it might flicker or give a sudden on and off look but nope, it comes up nicely and dimms before it shut down. Although the  
  •             picture shows some light bleeding but in real life you can see the 4 rings individually so it's really good.

                Thanks again for all the pre-sales help and fast shipping, feel free to post this in the forums

                From a happy customer,

                Martin @ Sydney Australia.

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